Thursday 13 – My Favorite Google Searches

I love Google Analytics. It is a great stats program that does WAY more than I will ever need for my little personal site. But it has some great features. One of them being “referring source” which indicates where people come from to get to my site. The other feature I most enjoy is the keyword search information that is provided. I like to see what people type into the search engive that directed them here.So, without further ado, here are my favorite keyword searches from the past few months.

  1. pampered+amber (Yes, Please!)
  2. “i+dont+like+spiders+and+snakes” (Me Neither.)
  3. gotta+get+this+weight+off (Tell me about it.)
  4. sewing+pants+puckering+in+butt+area (I have this same problem. Really!)
  5. iam+not+having+no+luck+selling+on+ebay (Maybe you needs to get you some grammar)
  6. can+you+suck+in+a+pregnant+stomach? (Nope. At least not towards the end.)
  7. would+you+date+my+friend+greg (He’d better not date your friend or he’ll have a lot of explaining to do.)
  8. pee+”hold+it”+car+”got+to+go”+pants (Maybe I need to stop talking about pee in my blog posts.)
  9. mouse in my bed ick (Ick says it all.)
  10. “who tickled her feet” (You got me. Who?)
  11. Excuse me, Flo (I get this one all the time. Probably from the time where we classically actually got to use this phrase when we had a waitress who actually was named Flo.)
  12. nightmares+about+bears (Yeah, me too)
  13. nice+butt (Why, thank you.)

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  1. Faith says:

    Too funny! I love it!

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