Must Not Disturb the Routine

Adrianna showed us today that we must not disturb her routine.

Since I usually work an early day shift, Adrianna is used to being the first child picked up from her childcare. So today, when I went in to work a little late and thus stayed an hour later than usual, she was not happy. Apparently another mom had arrived at Janette’s to pick up her two kids before I got there. This immediately threw Adrianna into a tizzy. She was supposed to be the first to leave, and she was not happy about it. She stood at the front door and started pouting and would not be coaxed away for anything. Thankfully I arrived only 5 minutes later.

To make matters worse, she saw Greg and I walk out our front door on our way to pick her up. Then, instead of walking across our childcare lady’s lawn, we cut over to the side and out of view for a moment as we walked up the driveway. When we moved out of Adrianna’s sight, she started crying. So when we came around the corner we saw our sweet baby girl at the front door, big tears streaming down her face. So different from her normal cheery demeanor when we pick her up.

Apparently we’d better stick to the schedule.

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