Stupid Batteries

Last night was the last night for our worship band to regularly play at Re:Focus, as our worship leader, Aaron, is leaving to attend Moody Bible in Chicago. So that means it was also the last night for me to sing as part of the worship team, which is a bummer for me because I really enjoyed singing there. So my microphone chose this night of all nights to run out of batteries during the service, right after the 1st or 2nd song. So I did what anyone else would do in this predicament. Even knowing the batteries were dead, I continued singing with a smile right into my now defunct mic. I hope I pulled it off, even if the audience couldn’t hear me. hehe. Oh well. I felt less pressure though hitting the high notes, knowing that nobody could hear me now anyways. But I was bummed because we had some really good 3 part harmonies that were then reduced to just 2 being heard.

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