I just read on Relevant Magazine’s Slices that there is work being done to create a He-Man movie. This may sound nerdy, but this has peaked my interest. Growing up, my brother and I played like we were He-Man and his girl sidekick Teela all the time-I have many fond memories of acting out these roles in our basement. We had the lifesize (or childsize really) cool plastic swords and shields and everything (as well as some of the action figures such as one who I think was named Stinkor, and who really did stink).

I also remember that in the cartoons that He-man would often raise his sword and say “I have the power” and then there was a certain transition to the next scene that would play that would basically be this guy in a powerful sounding voice saying “He-Man” and then there would be the sound of loud thunder. I still remember that my brother, when playing, would quote this and say “I have the power – He-Man” and then try to imitate the sound of thunder as if this all was a necessary part of the play-acting and as if he couldn’t say “I have the power” without the transition that the cartoon then employed. I wish I could accurately describe this, as it probably doesn’t make sense if you weren’t there, but it makes me smile every time I think about it.

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  1. janis says:

    It just made me smile too amber! 🙂 makes me happy that you and your brother have happy childhood memories! because i too have happy memories with my brother larry, only we played “flash gordon” hehe i am sure you have heard the details of this many times over the years so i will spare you now. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Hey Amber, speaking of memories, did you ever get my email about people I saw that you know? well, I will tell you again…there was this blond gal in my checkout lane at walmart, and when I got her check, it said “Andrea Gasser.” So I was like, “Hey, are you from Wheatland originally?” and she said yes, and then I told her whose little sister I was! She said to tell you hi! Then, a couple days later, I saw this other blond gal, and she looked vaguely familiar…finally I asked her if she was Jamie Snell, and she was! She lives here now too…I didn’t recognize her because she got rid of her glasses and is beautiful! Anyway, she said to tell you hi as well…Oh, and Ty Nelson lives here, and he says “hi” too. Love you big sister!

  3. Amber says:

    hehe – Flash Gordon. I guess that is showing your age. 🙂

  4. Cindy Poo says:

    Amber, or should i say Teela? Sorry i dont know ne1 that knew you, im running into all of brians friends so i am facing the same situations as karen haha. Glad you update as regularly as me! byebye

  5. Nathan says:

    I thought his female sidekick’s name was Sheela.

  6. Amber says:

    hehe. Are you thinking of She-Ra? That was another Saturday morning cartoon and she was somehow related to He-Man (maybe his sister?). Teela was on the actual He-Man cartoon though. I think I have that right. Of course, it has been like 19 years, so my memory could be blurry…

    Here is a link to the action figure I had…Teela

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