New Scrapbook Gallery

I am having so much fun with digital scrapbooking that I have decided to create a “gallery” for all the digital pages I create. It is in my navbar up above. Go ahead and click on it. You know you want to.

The nice thing about having a separate gallery is that one can click on the thumbnails to see a larger image of the scrapbook page. I always keep the images that I post on my blog small, with a width of only 300 pixels, so that I have more flexibility to change my blog design without having to worry about resizing all the images that are on my two years worth of posts. Now that I will be posting larger images elsewhere, I will make the pictures I post here on my blog link to the larger image as well.

Reimers in Estes Park

Disclaimer for my mother: Don’t worry, I will blur out or remove any information from the pages that I post that may be considered too personal so that the crazies don’t track us down. 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. ieatcrayonz says:

    Who you callin’ crazy? 😉

  2. Overwhelmed! says:

    Where do you live? Can you come teach me how to scrapbook? I’m hopeless! 🙂

  3. Faith says:

    Love the idea of the scrapbooking gallery!

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