No more Bah-Humbugging this year

I decided to get ambitious today and put up our Christmas tree while Greg was at work. Last year we didn’t even decorate for Christmas since it was just the two of us and we were going to be out of town for Christmas anyways. I was tempted to just skip to whole decorating thing this year as well. It is so much work. (Now I can see why my mom drug her feet about decorating the house for Christmas when us kids were older.) But I gave in today, mainly for Adrianna’s sake. After all, it will be her first Christmas. I know that she will not remember it, but I want to take pictures of her by our tree in our house. Especially since I know we will not be in this house much longer. I bought her the cutest little dress to wear for Christmas too, so I am looking forward to snapping a bunch of pictures of my little angel in her new holiday dress.

Now that the tree and some other decorations are up, I am really glad I made the effort. A lit Christmas tree just makes a living space seem even more cozy and homey.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think the key to getting a place decorated for Christmas is to do it early. That way, you put on the Christmas albums for the first time and get all your Christmas juices flowing. Otherwise, if you do it too late, all the momentum and stress of Christmastime is already going, so there’s no motivation to decorate.

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