Pause Please

Adrianna has always enjoyed being read to. She loves books. She loves to take them away from me and handle them herself. She loves to rip and/or turn the pages. Thank goodness for board books. She flips the pages back and forth, back and forth. Again and again. So much for a flowing story line.

This week, I have noticed that our “reading” together has become even more interesting to her. She still likes to be in control of the pages, but she is looking closer at the pictures. I will point out different parts of the pictures to her (primarily kitties, dogs, bunnies, fish, and other animals) and say the names of what I am pointing out. She then takes her little finger and points to the object, while speaking. Often it in is the language known only to babies, but I swear that I have heard her say words similar to dog (da), kitty (kit), and fish (fis). After I point out a certain object on a page and we come back to that page, she can sometimes point out the object too when I ask.

It is so amazing to watch her grow up right before my eyes. And so quickly too. I cannot believe she will be 10 months old in just a few short days. My baby is growing up. I wish I could push a pause button on some sort of universal remote. I just don’t think I will ever want to push the un-pause button. Yes, I will even take the poopy diapers as long as it lets me keep my little girl a little girl. I love it that I am everything to her right now and that mommy is her favorite person in the whole world. She is always glad to see me and always wants to be with me. It will be heartbreaking for me once she gets older and is embarrassed to be seen with her ol’ mom. Give me back that universal remote so I can fast-forward through those adolescent years!

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