Baby in a Bowl

Yes, this is Adrianna sitting in a bowl. This wasn’t intentional. She was backing up and sorta fell into it. So what does her Mommy do? Why, run for the camera of course!

Baby in a Bowl

After we helped her out of the bowl, she then proceeded to walk around the kitchen putting bowls on her head like hats. Unfortunately my camera had run out of batteries though. Shoot.


Nathan Long and his friend Michelle came by to visit us this past week. We had a lot of fun with them. They are way into music too, so we all had our iPods out so that we could share our latest finds with each other. We also did something that we have never done before: got a babysitter for Adrianna. Sure, we have had family babysit from time to time (when they are in town), our best friends have watched her for us once so we could see Nickel Creek in concert, and she is in childcare part-time, but never have we actually left her with an actual babysitter. I was so nervous the whole time. The babysitter is the son of our neighbor who does childcare for us. He recently turned 12, is very responsible, and Adrianna loves him. The one condition put forth by his mother was that SHE had to be home just in case he needed anything. Which I was very thankful for since they are just across the street. We put Adrianna to bed before we left so Sean had a pretty easy gig. Just be here, watch tv, and play video games.

We went and saw Cars at the movie theatre. Making that our 5th movie in 14 months that we have seen in a theatre. I remember when we used to go see movies all the time. I guess some things really do change when you have a baby.

It was opening night for Pirates of the Caribbean II while we were there. We saw several people in full-blown pirate gear. Who are these people and where to do they come from? Sure, we were excited enough to go see LOTR at its opening midnight showing, but I never would have imagined dressing up in costume for the showing. It makes me laugh.

Greg did a funny thing as we were arriving at the theatre. It was raining, so he offered to drop Nate, Michelle, and myself off near the front of the theatre while he went to go park the van. Then he said to me, “But when you hop out, you will need to grab the baby too.” He was serious. We are so used to having her with us everywhere we go.

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5 Responses

  1. momma says:

    The last movie I went to was Narnia, and before that is was Titanic.

  2. Peaches says:

    How cute is that?!? =) What is it with babies & tupperware cabinets? They just LOVE it!

    Was Cars cute? Congrats on a grown ups nite out!!! I can’t even remember the last time we went to a movie either…. With our conflicting schedules – it’s hard to go out anymore…. =(

    I heard about people here in Killeen getting all dressed up in pirate gear for the opening of II as well!!! Crazy.

  3. Karen says:

    The last movie we saw was “Click.” Yeah, i know, it’s still out hehe..i guess we are still in the “before children movie night fun” that Amber and Greg use to do…I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts, eh? I really loved the movie, it really wasn’t what I had expected! We also recently saw “Cars” and “The Lake House” both of which I thouroughly enjoyed! We are planning on seeing Superman and Pirates some time this or next week 🙂 Why is it that there is either nothing good showing, or there is EVERYTHING good showing??

  4. momma says:

    Correction: in between those 2 movies, I saw The Passion of Christ.

  5. shad says:

    CARS?? MAN that’s a great idea!! I wish i had of suggested that we all go see that a couple of weeks ago!

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