Red River Valley

Adrianna has this great toy that plays a lot of different songs. Many of the songs are old folk songs or songs that aren’t commonly heard in most musical toys. She loves it.

One of the songs is Red River Valley. I sometimes like to sing the songs to her when they are playing, but I could only remember one line of this particular song. “I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile.” So I decided to plug that line into Google and see if I could find the lyrics. And find them I did. One of the sites I visited also had an MP3 file of a group singing the song so I decided to play it. Adrianna immediately came over to me and pulled me to my feet and said, “Dance.”

So we danced. When the song was over, she would not let me put her down. She pointed to my computer and said, “Dance.” So I started the song over again and we danced some more. I think we must have played the song about 10 times before she let me have a break.

I am posting the song Red River Valley for your listening enjoyment. The style of this version of the song, according to Wikipedia, is “Cantopop” (Cantonese Pop Music) and is sung by a group called Twins. I guess they are pretty popular in China. It makes for a quirky, fun song and Adrianna and I both really like it.

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  1. jamie says:

    man that’s terrible about Adrianna’s ear infection and diaper rash. I hate it when boo gets diarhea and has that terrible rash. He touches his booty and says, “wee, wee” with this look of pain on his face. It’s terrible.
    About the song, i’ll look it up. I just wanted to mention that we bought a cd from wal-mart while we were there for 5 bucks called vacation bible school songs and ethan loves it. he says, mas, mas after every song. And I enjoy singing about the Lord with him. So it’s fun.

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