Adrianna’s Eye Exam

Adrianna had a routine eye exam today. It was just a follow-up appointment to see how things are going, since the eye doctor had thought she may be just slightly near-sighted at her previous free InfantSEE checkup. The verdict from the doctor is that Adrianna still appears to shy away from things getting near her face or nose and that her eyes aren’t crossing enough. But the doctor said it is slight enough to where there really isn’t a concern other than preventative measures and a followup appointment to make sure any potential near-sightedness hasn’t increased.

I am not fully convinced that there is anything wrong. One sign the eye doctor looks for when looking for near-sightedness in a child is to move a small object closer and closer to the child’s face and nose. If the child looks in another direction, it is thought that it may be because they are unable to focus on things up close, so it overwhelms them and they look away. So, I think there is the possibility that it may appear that Adrianna is nearsighted because she isn’t herself at the doctor’s office and tends to look away when overwhelmed by people she doesn’t know.

But no matter what, Greg and I are going to keep an “eye” on things and do some little eye exercises with her to help her focus on small objects as they get nearer and nearer to her face. Better safe than sorry. Just in case there is something going on, I want to be sure that we take all preventative measures to help stave off complications or learning delays in the future.

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