Team Member Meet-up

Today was an exciting day at work for me. Some of my favorite coworkers, even though we’d never met face to face before this afternoon, are here in Colorado. Our company flew in about 30 people from our divisional offices all over the states. Many of these people I have been working with during my entire time with the company. A few I have met before. I have worked and talked to these coworkers so often through the years, so I was really excited to meet them and to finally be able to put a face to each of their names and voices. The meeting was everything I had hoped for. It was almost like meeting up with old friends after many years or perhaps meeting a pen pal for the first time. There were even hugs from a few of the ladies that I have worked more closely with over the past year or two.

We were told that there was to be a dinner on Thursday for all these team members who had flown in, so we asked their manager (another person whom we deal closely and have a good relationship with) if we could go too so we could get to know our coworkers better outside of work. He absolutely agreed without hesitation, so Ann and I are anticipating that dinner in a couple of days. I feel a little silly about how giddy I am about this, but I guess it is just because these people are such a great team to work with and I am pleased to be a part of it all.

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