My First Mother’s Day Present From Adrianna

I received my very first gift from Adrianna. It is a cute bookmark complete with her little footprint.

Present from Adrianna

On the back of the bookmark a little verse is written, “When you are tired of reading your book, mark your place with my little foot!” While I could try to convince you of my daughter’s brilliance in coming up with this thoughtful gift, I think her childcare provider helped her a little bit. 🙂

Greg said that Adrianna totally reached for Janette today when he dropped her off. I am so thankful for someone who totally loves and dotes on Adrianna. And the other children love her too. I know I talk about this a lot, but it is so important to me and I feel so glad knowing that Adrianna enjoys her time over there.

When I picked Adrianna up today, she was still napping. I sat next to her and gently said her name, “Adrianna.” She immediately opened her eyes and flashed me her sweet smile and reached for me and climbed into my lap. It warms my heart.

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2 Responses

  1. Nettie says:

    What a sweet bookmark! Now her baby toes are recorded for life!

  2. Oh, so sweet. I look forward to when Justice draws me little pictures or picks wildflowers to give me on Mother’s Day. This year just having him was present enough. Such a sweet picture of you and your mom as well. It does make me appreciate my mom so much more having a son myself now. Moms are the best! Happy belated Mother’s Day and thanks for stopping by!

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