“Excuse me, Flo…”

Any true Dumb & Dumber fan would love to have an opportunity to use this quote and will be envious of our good fortune, as believe it or not, we had a waitress named Flo.. Yes, that’s right. Her name was Flo. And yes, we really did need to get her attention when Shad used the phrase. 😉 It was so hard to hold in our snickers though. hehe. What fun! Poor girl hasn’t even seen the movie though. I think she gets a lot of inquiries about her name on a daily basis, as we obviously weren’t the first.

We were in Winter Park, CO, at Hernando’s Pizza and Pasta Pub, which is a cool place if you are ever in that area. They have literally thousands of dollar bills hanging on their walls. (The bills are decorated by their customers.) The food was good too; both the food and atmosphere was a lot like Beau Jo’s pizza.

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Thank god we have colorado to harbor most of the hippies. Peace

  2. FiMa says:

    Hi there!

    Could somebody explain me what “Excuse me, Flo…” means? I have seen this film about 5 times but don’t understand this fun… Tnx 🙂
    Is this one from Alice TV show?

  3. Dolly says:

    FFlor was the sassy waitress from the old TV series “Alice”. She was the best characters on the show.

  1. 8/1/2005

    […] Hernando’s Pizza and Pasta, which is that great restaurant in Winter Park that has a waitress named Flo. I was able to get in touch with Sally, my old college roommate who lives up in that […]

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