The Dog’s Revenge

The day after I had my surgery, I was pretty out of it. Since it hurt to lay down and also to get up from lying down, I spent my whole day sitting on the couch. When I needed to sleep, which with the Vicoden was quite often, I just propped a pillow up and slept sitting up. I only got up once or twice that entire day.

In the midst of this, Greg was busy trying to get some work done, taking care of Adrianna, and taking care of me. Both of us forgot about our poor dogs. Feeding the dogs is usually my job, and I was too fuzzy to remember anything. They went all day without food.

The next morning, as I came down the stairs, I noticed a small deposit of poo. On the couch. The same cushion that I had resided my bottom on for the whole of the previous day. It should be noted that our dogs have NEVER gone to the bathroom on our furniture before. While they have had their occasional mishaps and accidents in the house, they have never taken place on our furniture. (Barf is a different story however.) The fact that this particular poo was on the exact location where I had spent the entire day, I am pretty sure the guilty party was trying to tell me something. We think it was Chloe. Both dogs were fed right away.

Judging by this bad and revengeful attitude, I am thinking perhaps they have been hanging out with the cat too much lately.

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3 Responses

  1. ieatcrayonz says:

    That is hilarious. Those weiners are smart…and vindictive at times.

  2. Peaches says:

    OMG! That’s toooo funny!! =)

  3. Jen Allen says:

    That sounds like our cats…when I’m not home (even if Zack is) they poop or pee on his bed. Yuck! It is pretty obvious they are trying to get a message across loud & clear!

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