Shad and Lynette-almost here!

Our best friends, Shad and Lynette Rempel, are moving to Colorado this weekend. In fact, they will be arriving at our house tomorrow sometime. They will stay the night, and then we will all drive to Springs to help them move into their new apartment. Incidentally, their new apartment is at the same complex that Kristy’s boyfriend lives at. So we will be able to see both sets of close friends pretty easily. We are extremely excited that Shad and Lynette will be so close to us now. Omaha was quite a distance a way, though we loved visiting our old stompin’ grounds.

We have known Shad and Lynette since before any of us were married. But, all of us were dating our significant others already so it has been really cool to watch our relationships evolve and grow. I actually met Shad at Godfathers when I became a manager at the Manderson location. I had been warned by a fellow manager and friend, Pauli, to basically watch out for Shad ’cause he was “trouble.”* So, my first night of work there (and also my first night as manager too I think) I was pretty nervous. In walks Shad and an obnoxious friend of his, Drew, who also worked there. My first memory of them is their turning on the radio to “Eye of the Tiger” and just blasting the song throughout the restaurant. I think some exaggerated dancing and loud singing was also involved.

*NOTE: Shad turned out to not be “trouble” as our friendship with him and his wife probably would indicate. 😉

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