Decorative Wood Screw-Cover up Thingies = Bad for Baby

Adrianna freaked me out tonight. I was watching tv, and she was sitting pretty close to me on the floor. I looked over to check on her, as she was being pretty quiet. I noticed she had something small in her hand and it appeared that she also had something in her mouth. I instantly reached into her mouth, because I knew that there wasn’t anything in the vicinity that belonged there. It turned out to be one of those decorate wood pegs that cover up the screws on our glider chair. The item in her hand was a second one. How close we came to her possibly choking on such a small item! And I was right there next to her. It only took a few moments for her to find that choking hazard. This whole thing just reiterated to me how important it is to childproof, but even when you think you have a room mostly baby-safe, they can still find dangerous things and I need to not be complacent in watching her. Even for a moment. Oh, my precious little girl. I will be glad when the “put-everything-in-your-mouth” stage is over.

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3 Responses

  1. cindy says:

    Kendall Gina and i and whoever else are all thinking about taking a CPR course just to learn how on babies, just to be safe, watching two will be hard

  2. ieatcrayonz says:

    Whaaaa? They grow out of that stage?

  3. Anja says:

    From what I can see in your pictures, we have the same rocking chair. I noticed a while back the those little pieces kept falling out. I put crazy glue on them and hammered them in so they aren’t going anywhere. I figure we probably won’t need to take the chair appart ever.

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