Wet-Vac Workout

Warning: Not for the faint of heart or if you get sick to your stomach easily.

Our Wet Vacuum (and myself) got quite a workout this morning. I was downstairs in the living room playing with Adrianna when, in spite of my stuffy nose, I smelled poo. I brought Adrianna upstairs to change her diaper. No poo. Not even wet. Uh oh.

I went back downstairs and went into the dining/kitchen area where the dogs were hanging out (on the other side of the baby gate from where Adrianna and I were). There was the cause of the offending odor, in all of its soft-serve glory. Now, the fact that I could smell it in the other room with a stuffy nose was my first indication that this was not going to be good. And it wasn’t.

I hesitantly walked further into the room. I spotted another pile of poo (not soft-serve) by the back door. *sigh* As I turned around, I spotted two more piles of icky, pukey nastiness. As if the dog tried to cover up her poo messes by eating them, and then purged the contents of her stomach because she grossed herself out.

After letting the dogs outside, I literally ran upstairs to grab our wet-vac. As I began tackling the messes, I noticed two more puke piles. Oh, joy. The most frustrating part about this is that each and every mess was on our nice, light-colored carpet when the dog could have just as easily been kind enough to use the kitchen linoleum for easier cleanup. Double GRRR.

I am pretty sure it is Chloe. She has had an upset stomach for several days and she is usually very good at waking me up in the middle of the night or pestering the heck out of me during the day to let her go outside when she really needs to go. I guess since she was on the other side of the baby gate she couldn’t let me know. But still, for the love of dog, use the linoleum!

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  1. Jen Allen says:

    It sounds just like our cats pooping all over the house. The other day one of them had a blow-out that ended up on the vertical blinds in the kitchen and half way down the side of their litterbox right next to those blinds.

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