On Getting Older

I need to face the facts. I am getting older. As much as I have wanted to delay and deny it, age is creeping up on me and there is pretty much nothing I can do to stop it. I mentioned recently that we got a new minivan. Well, here is another first. I actually shopped for and bought some items at a store that weren’t part of the juniors section. *sigh* This was a hard thing for me. For a long time I have shied away from the misses sections because I just haven’t felt ready to dress that “old.” But after several excursions to the juniors section with a baby in tow, I decided that maybe I am just a little out of place there. Crop-tops don’t look so great on my belly full of post-baby stretch marks either.

So I begrudgingly tried out the misses section. I was pleasantly surprised to find several sweaters AND a pair of jeans that are not dowdy or too mom-ish. At least, I think so. Or maybe my old-age blinders have got me confused and befuddled.

However, in spite of finding a few choice items in the misses section though, I am still frustrated at the overall selection. I had to sift through a lot of items to find stuff I liked, as so many of the clothing items were so not fashionable. Where in the world can a late 20-something person shop and still feel trendy? I am not the most fashion-conscious person in the world, but I still want to look my age. Sure, I am a mom, but I am not that old. I still have a few good years left.

I don’t want to be like the Mom Jeans skit (my favorite skit of all time) from Saturday Night Live, which states,

“I’m not a woman any more. I’m a Mom.”

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5 Responses

  1. momma says:

    hey, at least your not in the “womens” section! and you get to look forward to my age. At my age you start shopping in the junors again because you revert back to your childhood!! I know how you feel though because I felt the same way when I was turning 30, I remember it exactly. I was sitting in the doctors office waiting for my pregnancy checkup (pregnant with Brian) I remember telling the nurse that I would be turning 30 in a month and how I felt old. I remember she said “I wish I was 30 again” so to her, 30 was young. so yeah, think how I must feel, if you feel old, what does that make me??? LOL

  2. jamie says:

    I feel the same way!!! I laughed so hard at the mom jeans. I had never seen it before. But I
    feel the same way. I dont feel ready to have a mom butt and look like a mom. I dont want to look
    like a 16 year old either and by no means am I embarrassed about my age (crap we´re not that old yet)
    but I just dont feel like I fit in any of the styles I have seen so far.
    It´s weird getting old. I dont feel old, but I have been seeing so many gray hairs popping up
    I know something must be happening. And 30 isnt too far off. 30? arent only old people 30. How
    did I get there and so dang fast? weird.

  3. cindy says:

    amber it could be worse…you could be sitting in the next room minding your business in your everyday purple sweats and hear adrianna go
    “old people wear purple!!” on another note, i would check out a ross or tj maxx amba…they have EVERYTHING name brand for everybody and
    you pay half the regular price.

  4. momma says:


  1. 1/1/2006

    […] Cindy’s comment on my “On Getting Older” post made me LOL as I remembered a true story from our childhood. […]

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