Faithful Foot-Warmer

Molly is such a faithful dog. I would have to say that she is an almost-perfect dog. I could do without some of her barking and the peeing when excited thing that she’s got going on sometimes. But all in all, I love her faithfulness to me. She follows me all over the house and wants to be with me at all times. Every evening, she takes her post at my feet while I spend time on the computer.
Molly May

When I go to bed, she is right there with me. Chloe also usually joins us at this point, as she loves burrowing under the covers for warmth. Dogs make the best feet-warmers.

I really love my dogs. They are so good with Adrianna too. Adrianna enjoys watching them play and often will crawl over to them and try to join in. Chloe and Molly rear up on their hind feet in play, and Adrianna will do the same by sitting up on her knees and reaching for them. The dogs usually just move out of the way and continue playing.

Adrianna also doesn’t understand that you shouldn’t mess with a dog when they are chewing on a favorite toy or bone, but thankfully both Chloe and Molly are patient with her. If Adrianna gets too annoying, they just move higher up on the couch to get out of her way. Not once has either dog given me a single worry in regards to how well they tolerate the baby. I am so pleased with my pups.

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  1. Karen says:

    I can’t wait until I can get my dachsie. I want one soooo bad…the landlord said we could have a cat, so I tried to convince him that a dachsie was practically a cat anyways, but he didn’t buy it. I love my landlords though and wouldn’t want to do anything to sour our relationship so I guess I’ll just have to wait until that big “someday” when Zach is finally done with school and we have our own place. Wow, I pretty much used this comment as my own blog hehe!

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