Chicken Pox Day 8

Well, the chicken pox (or whatever they were) are mostly gone. They never did get oozy, blistery, or scabby. They pretty much remained little, red pimple like sores that only appeared on her torso, in her diaper area, with only a couple on her thighs. Then, they just started to disappear. I am glad they are gone. I was getting really tired of being under quarantine and having to work in the evenings (so Greg could watch her) instead of in the mornings, although the sleeping in was nice.

We have a new person at work now. Heather took another position within the company, so my boss actually ended up hiring a friend of hers. Ann is about my age and we had met once before at a party at Heather’s house when both Ann and I were very pregnant. She had her son exactly a month before Adrianna was born. So I am excited to get to know her better since both our kids are so close in age. Ann’s husband works at the same company as Greg, which also happens to be the same company that Heather’s husband used to work for up until last year. I do miss Heather’s company at work already though. Thankfully she is still in the same building for another month or so at least.

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