Innie vs Outie

I had a “duh” moment on our way home from Wyoming tonight. I was listening to the radio, skimming through different channels. I listen to K-Love (a Christian music station) occasionally but they play so many repeats that I often switch the channel because I get sick of hearing the same songs over and over.

The current station that I had on began talking about our culture and how we view beauty and then proceeded to mention inner versus outer. For some reason, when I heard “inner versus outer,” my mind interpreted it incorrectly. I sat there shaking my head, wondering what in the world they were going to have to say about beauty in regards to belly buttons (as in “innie versus outie”). Then I realized that I had forgotten I was back onto K-Love and of course what they were really talking about was inner beauty versus outer beauty and had nothing to do with belly buttons at all. *shakes head* What a dumb moment. In my defense, well,…I got nothing.

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