Christmas with my family

We are celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family this weekend. (Now that Karen and I are both married, our parents have to share us for holidays so we will be spending the “real” Christmas with our in-laws.)

Greg and I got two games as gifts that I cannot wait to play: and . Encore is a game that involves singing, which I love to do. Scene It is a tv trivia game. Both games are a lot of fun to play with family and friends.

I got Greg an awesome Christmas present this year. It was a present that I thought of on my own without having to ask him what he wanted. A really nice poker set that included a great, aluminum carrying case. I couldn’t wait to give it to him because I knew it would be something he would like to have. I love it when I can think of a good idea on my own (like his banjo a couple years ago.) Anyways, the surprise was actually given away last week before I had the chance to give it to him because I do not have a good “poker” face at all. hehe. Pun intended.

Greg and Shad had gone to Walmart last weekend to pick up some baby food and a space heater. When they got back, Greg showed me another purchase he had impulsively bought: a small set of nice poker chips. Instantly, the smile on my face fell, because I knew I had already gotten him a poker set for Christmas, albeit a bigger and more expensive one. He saw my expression change and, knowing that I had already bought him a gift, he immediately guessed that I had already bought him a poker set. ARGH. So much for my great surprise.

When we got home that night, he opened his gift from me. Sure enough, he did like it.

We played Texas Hold-Em with my family last night using his new set. I am usually not a brave better; I need to get better about that. But I still came from being in last place (due to my conservative bets and folding often) to coming in 2nd at the end of the night. Today we are going to play some more games or do some scrapbooking.

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2 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    Please, please, please will you bring Scene It to the Reimer Christmas?! I love that game. It may be just you and me playing, though, since Jeff isn’t a fan and it’s not of the “word game” genre that effectively draws the Reimer family around one happy table.

  2. Amber says:

    I will definitely bring it then. I love it too! After we played it for the first time on Saturday night, I couldn’t get enough and we played 3 more games over the remainder of the weekend.

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