Paper Towel Confession

Growing up, us kids caused all kinds of things to break around the house. Mostly not on purpose of course. One time, I remember we had ran out of toilet paper in the primary bathroom. Somehow, a roll of paper towels ended up in this bathroom. Uh oh. As you probably know, paper towels are NOT made to easily break apart but instead pride themselves in how well they can hold together when wiping up messy spills. Thus, it is highly recommended NOT to flush them down the toilet.

Well, kids don’t think of such things. So, in lieu of having toilet paper to use after one had completed their doodie duty, paper towels were used. Unbeknownst to my poor parents.

Unfortunately, everything did not come out okay. It turned out so badly that a plumber had to be called. He told my parents what he found in the clogged pipes: paper towels. Poor little Karen confessed to the crime. I don’t think she got in trouble, but I do think that it was quite embarrassing for her as I think both our parents and the plumber reprimanded her for it.

Here’s my confession: Karen wasn’t the only one who had resorted to using those paper towels. This weekend, I admitted it to my family for the first time that I had also used those paper towels at least once. They were dumbfounded and asked why I didn’t say anything at the time. Well, I guess I figured since someone else had already stepped up to the plate and taken the blame, I didn’t feel the need to.

Plus, I am sure I was old enough to have known better.

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  1. Karen says:

    Poor innocent little Karen…first the eggs and now the paper towels…oh, and don’t forget “swish swish”!

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