Baby Jekyll and Little Miss Hyde

Yesterday we, along with Shad and Lynette, spent a good portion of our day wandering around the Mile High Flea Market. I scored a brand new board game for $1 and Greg bought some kind of game as well for $2. Not too bad. Even though we didn’t purchase much, it was a perfect day to be outside. Adrianna was a patient little doll in her stroller and enjoyed looking at all the new sights.

After strolling around the flea market, we went to Fazolis for an early dinner. Adrianna promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got home.

Adrianna was such a little angel all day. Shad, ever the optimist, told us that she would probably make us pay for it later that night.

And did she ever.

I think Adrianna woke up almost every hour to an hour and a half. Letting her cry it out didn’t seem to be an option because I cannot sleep, no matter how badly I want to, when I can hear her crying. So we took turns comforting her, trying to get her back to sleep, or bringing her back to our room so I could nurse her. Yeah, not a good habit to get into, but when you are desperate for sleep, anything goes.

This morning, we were exhausted but we pulled ourselves out of bed anyways to drag our tired, lazy selves to work. When I went in to check on Babyanna before I left, she greeted me with a smile. Little Miss Hyde had left the building and my sweet little angel was back.

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  1. Kristi says:

    That sweet little stinker!

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