Back to Work? Maybe?

I met Juli and Heather at Red Robin for lunch today. It was so good to get out of the house, as always. Adrianna was an angel. The whole mealtime, she was awake and so well-behaved. She looked around a lot and smiled at me quite a bit. She also smiled at the cute waiter who tickled her feet. He got a good tip from our table. hehe. 🙂

After we ate, we all went back to our workplace. Juli offered to watch Adrianna for me so I could meet with my boss about me coming back to work, as my maternity leave is up in a couple weeks. I have decided that I do want to go back to work. In fact, I am actually looking forward to it. But, only if I can work just 12 hours a week; 4 hours a day on 3 separate days. On those days, Greg would work from home so one of us would always be with Adrianna. Plus, with me nursing, we wouldn’t have to do a lot of formula supplementation either with those short work hours.

I had already given my boss a heads up before I went on maternity leave that this type of plan is what I had in mind for when I did come back, even though we didn’t set anything into stone or anything. So it’s not like I broadsided him with this request. The end result is that my boss still needs to get with HR to see if this will be possible or not. If they let me do this, he said it will be “setting a precident” for anyone who comes back after maternity leave to be able to work part-time. I reminded him that technically this precident was already set, as Juli only worked 12 hours a week after she returned from her maternity leave 2 years ago. He wasn’t our boss then, so he didn’t remember that specifically. So hopefully things will work out. I will find out for sure sometime before July 12th I guess, as that is when I am due back to work.

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