Let the Manipulation Begin

It is amazing to me how quickly Adrianna is learning how to manipulate us. She’s so sneaky!

Here are some of the ways she tries to keep us in her room or call us back to her room at bedtime.

  1. She’ll hand me a stuffed animal and instruct me to “ting.” I then have to sing a song with that stuffed animal dancing along her crib rail. Then I have to repeat this with each stuffed animal and baby doll that happens to reside in her crib that night, which can vary from four to nine.
  2. As we leave the room, she will throw out one of her animals or her sippy cup. She will then cry pitifully for it until we come back in and hand it back to her. “Beee!” “Wa-wa!” “Beahhh!” “Bay-bee!” “Tsa-tsa!”
  3. She will sadly call “Mommy” or “Daddy” as if her little heart is breaking.
  4. She will call to “Mayee” (Molly)
  5. She will lay down and request that we cover her up with a blanket and do “Pat Pat Pause.” Over and Over.
  6. And her new one that she even woke me up several times last night for is “Ah-ah” which means Rock-Rock. This is her way of saying that she wants to sit with me in a rocking chair and rock.
  7. Another new one is she will ask for a “chi-chins” (diaper change) even if she just got a fresh diaper right before we put her into the crib.

Each of these is hard to resist. I wonder what new form of manipulation she will come up with next.

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