Adrianna’s First Tooth

Well, it is official. Adrianna is cutting her first tooth. She has been really fussy the past couple of days, which is so out of the norm for her. My mom suggested I feel her gums for a tooth to see if our teething hunch was correct. Sure enough, there is a sharp little tooth beginning its ascent through her lower gum.

Poor baby. It is really causing her a lot of pain. At times she is inconsolable. Or, if we are lucky, we can get her to calm down by pacing the floor and bouncing her. I did that off and on for a couple hours today, so I am pretty worn out. Carrying an almost-20 pound screaming child around isn’t exactly easy. My arms better get buff after all this!

Another thing that seems to work well is singing to her. It is amazing how many children’s songs can be recalled to memory when one is desperate for a few minutes of relative peace and quiet. I sang to her for about 20 minutes straight today and it actually put her to sleep. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she falls asleep to my singing?

Thank goodness for Baby Anbesol and Baby Tylenol. Without them, I would be pulling my hair out. I hope this teething thing passes quickly so Greg and I can get some rest and sleep.

On a side note, I am also very thankful that my mom was kind enough to drive down from Wyoming to babysit Adrianna yesterday morning and this morning so that I could get to work, as Greg had all day meetings for his job and couldn’t watch her in the mornings like he normally does. That was a huge help. She even let me drive her car to work today, since Greg had our car. I am thinking it is time for us to get a 2nd vehicle again. Believe it or not, we are actually considering looking at mini-vans. Oh, how everything changes after having a child.

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  1. Shads Dad says:

    Just think, your mother went through the same thing. Be sure to thank her 🙂

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