Adrianna is discovering toys. Previously, toys were mainly good for sucking on. Now they are good for holding, shaking, scratching, and just generally making noise with. And of course, still sucking on.

Yesterday morning, Greg said he was awakened to the sound of jingling. At first he thought it was coming from outside, but when he went to check on Adrianna he discovered her playing with her busy bee. When he IM’d me that at work, I couldn’t wait to get home to see my sweet little baby.

I bought a couple used toys, a phone and a ladybug, at a used clothing store here. Adrianna loves them. The ladybug jingles and its wings crackle. The phone makes obnoxious noises.

Greg and I have been enjoying watching Adrianna sit and manipulate the toys. She gets this look of concentration on her cute, little face.

Here is a video from today of Adrianna playing with her new toys.

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