Nothing is safe

As Adrianna gets more and more adept at grabbing and pulling things towards her, nothing is safe! I have been reading books to her for awhile now, but lately she is more interested in touching and scratching the books. This has led to torn pages. I can see why board books are so good for this age. Nevertheless, I am glad that she is taking an interest in reading. hehe.

Right now she is lying on the guest bed next to my computer. She somehow found a piece of mail that I had set on the end of the bed, a 2 page spread junk-mail ad, and is happily crumpling it up and waving it around and just generally making a lot of noise with it. I don’t know how she reached it, but reached it she did. She loves the crinkly sound that it makes. I can see why many baby toys have this sound incorporated.

Awww, now I am experiencing her first upset over me taking something away from her. She was starting to put it into her mouth, and I have heard that some newspapers or ads can contain dye that is not good if a baby eats it, so I took it away. Thankfully the upset only lasted a few seconds as she is now engrossed in her activity gym again.

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