My plans for this weekend

I am so excited. I have decided to go visit my family this weekend and do some scrapbooking with my sisters, who will also be visiting my parents. Greg is going to stay here and catch up on some relaxing. And since Adrianna will be with me, I imagine that he will also catch up on sleep, in spite of not having me around to make him go to bed at a decent hour.

As I write this, Babyanna is making a lot of noise in her activity center. She is so cute – she enjoys making noise with the various toys on it. She is so proud of herself that she then will rock back and forth excitedly and make happy baby squeals. I am glad the thing won’t tip over – she gets pretty violent.

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  1. Auntie Karen says:

    Adrianna is so big! I hadn’t seen her “live and uncut” for a few weeks, but those few short weeks made a huge difference! She has always been a cutie, but now she is really reacting to things instead of just looking at them. She can sit up on her own and likes to bounce when you help her walk. What a sweet little thing!

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