Sounds I love to hear

While in church on Sunday, during the worship part of the service, I happened to overhear Greg singing. I just had to stop singing myself and listen. I enjoyed it very much and couldn’t get the beautiful sound out of my head for quite some time. It got me thinking about sounds that are special to me. Here is a list of some of my favorite sounds or things that I find pleasant to my ear. They are not in any particular order:

  • Greg singing (in general but also especially to Adrianna)
  • Adrianna cooing
  • Adrianna laughing or squealing with joy
  • Hearing my family or Greg’s family dote on Adrianna
  • Listening to Greg talk to and play with Adrianna
  • Hearing Greg say my name
  • When Greg calls me Ber-Ber
  • The silence (or muffledness) falling snow can bring
  • The crackling of a campfire
  • Greg playing the guitar or the banjo (seriously!)
  • Chloe’s happy chortle noise
  • The thump, thump, thump of Molly’s happy tail against things
  • The jingle of Molly’s collar as she faithfully follows me around the house
  • A cat purring
  • Rolling thunder (especially in the mountains where it echoes)
  • Listening to rain fall on the roof and knowing everyone I love is home and safe
  • The popping of popcorn, in anticipation of curling up with a big bowful, a diet coke, a blanket, and a good book
  • A song with tight harmonies and amazing vocals
  • Being in church with other believers, all lifting our voices in praise to God

I have noticed that most of my favorite things to listen to have to do with family, feelings, and also the memories that are evoked when I think about them.

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2 Responses

  1. momma says:

    how about the sound of the rumble on the floor that one time? hehehehe

  2. jamie says:

    How much did Adrianna weigh at birth? E weight almost 9 pounds. he came out really strong. I think that is why he does so much now. He has wanted to stand up since he was born. even those first days in the hospital he wanted to stand in your lap. He would make himself real stiff and not bend his legs. I think he was born
    standing up. Also, I love alot of things are your list too. Of course instead of Greg it would be
    Javi. It was nice to read.

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