Proud of the baby

Greg and I went out to eat at Fazoli’s tonight since our kitchen is still in shambles as we still need to paint that darn second coat. Adrianna was in her carrier and towards the end of our meal she started getting a little fussy. Greg, who was already done eating since he inhales his food, picked her up and held her. Adrianna was instantly soothed. She loves being held by her daddy.

On the way home, I told Greg how much I appreciate his help with Adrianna (by holding her so I could finish eating) when we are out and about. He said that he likes to hold Adrianna because he is proud of his baby. That SO warmed my heart. I am proud of Adrianna too. I am also proud to be able to call Greg my husband – not only because he is a wonderful husband but also because he is an awesome father. It brings me so much joy watching him interact with Adrianna. I feel so blessed.

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    I know what you mean. I love Javi so much more (eventhough I never thought I could love him
    more than I already did) because I love to see him be such a good dad. Isnt that the best
    feeling in the world, knowing that your child will be raised by 2 wonderful parents? Sometimes
    I look at E when he is in the bed playing with us and Javi is blowing on his belly and I am
    tickling his feet and he is giggling away and I think of how lucky he is and how blessed Javi
    and I are. I just love my family. Im glad to see you feel the same way.

  2. cindypoo says:

    poor petey no pictures of him. he is the “forgotten” pet the “old college past pet”. poor guy he’d like lola! oh and i thought u try not to write such sappy blogs? hehe

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