Lab Work & the Inauguration

This morning I went in to have some lab work done. Specifically, I needed to drink this high-sugar concoction (which tasted like strong orange soda without the carbonation-not too bad really) and then wait around the office for an hour. After the hour was up, I had to get my blood drawn. All this is to check for gestational diabetes. Since I had to fast before the appointment, I was pretty faint by the time I was done. The drink put the baby on a sugar high – she was kicking like crazy by the time I left.

Anyways, that is not the real thing I wanted to blog about today. While I was sitting around for an hour, many people came and went, so I had plenty of opportunities to just sit back and observe. People watching can be pretty interesting. One incident stuck with me though.

There was a TV on, and it was playing some inane and utterly ridiculous daytime show. (If you have ever stayed home from work and watched daytime TV, you know what I am talking about.) An older gentleman (probably in his 60’s or 70’s) asked if he could change the channel to the Inauguration. The lady at the desk refused, saying it might offend some people. As if the current daytime show wasn’t offensive, but whatever. The gentleman responded by saying some comment about how there “weren’t any Americans here?”. I have to say that I agreed with him as I thought more about his comment. Sure, some Democrats could probably think of a million other things they would rather watch than watching a President they scorn be celebrated. But it seemed like the lady wasn’t refusing on the basis of political party. Even former President Clinton was at the Inauguration. This isn’t just about Republicans – it is about being Americans. I applaud this older gentleman for remembering this. Eventually, another older lady who wasn’t privy to the conversation regarding the TV just got up and changed it to the Inauguration (without asking). No one seemed to mind. In fact, most of us sitting in the waiting room put down our magazines to watch.

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3 Responses

  1. janis says:

    just shows it is better to just change the channel and not ask permission. hehe i have wanted to do just that when waiting in doctors offices. i think now i will have the nerve. i mean after all the tv is for the customers waiting NOT the stupid office lady who didn’t want to “offend” anyone. man i am getting so tired of hearing people say that phrase “dont want to offend” anyone when it is a simply innocent program like an inauguration, but if some perverted nasty soap opera was on, people like that desk lady are ok with THAT! we sure live in a perverted world today. i say hooray for the older lady for changing the channel and not asking!!

  2. janis says:

    by the way what is the results of your lab work?

  3. cindypoo says:

    i wouldve first been like im an american and i have the right towatch the inaguration, and this show i find offencive yet you leave it on. im learning to voice my opinions and stand up more. plus i have a b—-y nature sometimes hehe hope your lab work went aight

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