What a Friend She Has in Winnie

I have mentioned before how much Adrianna loves her teddy bears. Winnie the Pooh holds a special coveted place in her crib every night. He is a great companion. He can play music if you turn a little knob on his back. Sometimes in the middle of the night or in the mornings when all else is quiet, we hear his music drifting out into the hallway, which is usually a good indication that Adrianna is awake.

Tonight, she didn’t want to go to bed but she was so grumpy that it was obvious that she needed to go to bed. She fussed for awhile, but eventually drifted off. After all became quiet and I checked on her, this is what I found:
Adrianna and Pooh

Thank you Winnie the Pooh for comforting my little girl and helping her fall to sleep.

And speaking of cuddly things that are great to sleep with, here are my two dachshies who faithfully share my side of the bed every night. (Did ya think I was gonna mention Greggor – haha! This is a family-friendly blog after all… 😉 )

Chloe Marie and Molly May

I love the look Molly May gets on her face when she is scratching her head with her hind feet. Her lip curls up all funny and her forehead gets extra wrinkly.

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  1. Mom2Three says:

    How cute is that picture! Your little on is gorgeous! And the doggies aren’t bad either. Funny I would choose to visit your blog on a day that I posted pics of my dachshund LOL.

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