More Painting

This weekend was spent painting the remainder of the main level of our house. Thanks once again to Shad and Lynette, we were able to finish and, I must say, it looks AMAZING. Like a new house. We also rearranged some of the furniture. The room off of the kitchen (the one with the fireplace) is the new dining room. The old dining room now contains a couch and our tv. We also changed the living room so that the sectional couch is no longer separating the living room from the (old) dining room. Once we get it all tidied up again I will post some pictures. I really like this new arrangement. It makes the house seem really cozy and the new paint really makes the place warm and comfy. It is making it harder to think about leaving this house. But no worries – it also makes me even more excited to move into a new house as well.

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