10 Year High-School Reunion

This past weekend I attended my 10 Year High-School Reunion. Man, just saying that makes me feel old. I am really glad I went, even though I was really nervous and anxious about it. My graduating class had about 80-100 people in it. Of course not everyone came to the reunion, but the turnout was pretty good. I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone I wanted to, but I was glad to catch up with the ones that I did talk to. Most of my classmates that I did chat with I have known since Kindergarten or early grade-school.

The first event was Friday evening at a bar in my hometown. We showed up late, but that didn’t seem to matter since it was a casual thing. I felt bad because I didn’t recognize a couple people right away. Erin Anderson came up and talked to me and I couldn’t place her right away. She has changed quite a bit. But once she started talking I realized who she was. Another classmate, Dani Thompson, I didn’t recognize at all. I felt kinda bad about that. Greg and I didn’t stay too long; the place was too loud to get in any decent conversation in anyways. But I found out the next day from another classmate that since we left early, we missed the DJ getting knocked out and we also missed being flashed by a classmate. hehe. I guess some things never change.

Saturday was a formal dinner at the country club. Not as many classmates showed up, but it was still a nice time because you could actually converse. The “popularity” lines were still visible and more apparent at this event than they were at the bar. I was a little disappointed by that. I was hoping that 10 years would ease that, but I guess not. Greg and I sat with Christina Herdt, Merlo Cochran, and Mikki Miller and their husbands for dinner. Mikki and I both reminisced how we used to chase Chad Marquette around the playground in first grade. I had the hugest crush on him back then. I was also glad to see Ty Nelson and his wife at the dinner. Ty was also homeschooled in highschool but had gone to school with most of our classmates since forever. Ty and I (along with several other homeschooled friends) all held our graduation ceremony together. I remember he and Jon Hicks used to tease me a bunch in fourth grade.

Sunday was to be a picnic at the park. I was really looking forward to this part of the reunion. For this event, children were also invited. I was looking forward to bringing Adrianna along so I could show her off. I was also hoping to see the kids of my classmates. Unfortunately though, it was pouring rain. We still went and there were a few other brave souls there with their kids, but the turnout was pretty disappointing. We didn’t stay long as it was pretty cold and I didn’t want to keep Adrianna out in the weather for very long.

All in all, I am glad I went to the reunion. It was interesting to see how everyone had changed and hear what they are up to now. It was also cool to see how many of my classmates have migrated south to the Denver area. In fact, in looking at the addresses that we were given for our classmates, one guy, John Campbell, lives only 5 blocks away from us here. Crazy. Too bad he wasn’t at the reunion.

One cool thing I learned about a classmate, Warren Keldson, is that he just came out with a Christian CD. He gave me a copy and I think it is great. Now I understand why he asked me at the reunion if I was still singing Christian music. I thought it an odd question at the time (his including “Christian” in the question) but once I got home and listened to the CD and realized he was singing Christian music now it made more sense. Still cool though that he remembered that I sang Christian music even back then. I have known Warren for a long time. We actually competed against each other in a talent show in highschool. We both played the piano and sang. His was an original composition though. I also remember that when we were young (maybe 8 or 9) that he lived in my neighborhood for awhile and he used to make fun of me because I had training wheels on my bike. But hey, I had just gotten the bike so even though I was a bit old for training wheels, it was because I had just started riding. I got in trouble (by a neighbor lady) for yelling back at him “Nanny nanny boo-boo. Stick your head in doo-doo.” Aw, kids.

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  1. Janis says:

    I am glad your reunion was here so I got to visit with you too! Marilyn was right, she voted for you to go to the reunion! 🙂

  2. Janelle Wallace says:

    My name is Janelle, and I worked with Warren Keldson in Yellowstone National Park about seven years ago. I was curious about what he was doing now so I googled his name. Your class reunion comment came up as a result. I was just wondering if you had any contact information for Warren? My husband and I would love to write him or get back in touch with him somehow. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks and God bless,
    Janelle Wallace

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