Startling Greggor

Sometimes when I am really sleepy and already in bed, Greg will come in and start talking to me as he gets ready for bed. From what he has told me later about these talks, I often do not make sense. I usually do not remember these conversations and I hope he doesn’t hold me liable for anything I may or may not say.

Here is a story that Greg relayed to me recently:

The other night we were both in bed sleeping. Greg rolled over and must have jostled the bed (he tends to flop around when he sleeps). This must have startled me and Greg says I woke up and did my spider scream. Greg asked me what was wrong and I said someone came into our room and crawled into our bed. Greg was really freaked out by this. I don’t remember a single bit of it.

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    You and Karen are alot alike when sleeping. Zach has similar stories about Karen hehe! ask her or zach sometime about them. so it sounds like your spider scream is the same for any size spider. my screams and reactions differ according to the size of the spider and where the spider is. If its a little spider, say, just walking on the wall, It will be a just a ewwww! and then I immediately smack it dead with my hand because I dont want it to get away! but if its a good size spider (or any size spider hanging on a web) then I freak out pretty much the same as you! (maybe you got this reaction from watching me when you were little?!) then I run and get the raid and a fly swatter and I spray and smack it dead to be sure. I also freak out from just being near spider webs, even if there are no visible spiders. Thus, I wont go in the back of the basement without someone with me! somehow with someone with me its not quite as scary. maybe that is how I was able to play “mommy monster” cause we were all down there? or since we used the basement alot more, spiders were not as common back then.

  2. Karen, Little Sister #1 says:

    Yeah, I often hold conversations with Zach at night, and when he brings it up the next day I am like “huh?”. Must run in the family! Oh, and I, also, have a spider scream. I HATE SPIDERS!

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