Afternoon in Estes Park

After an early morning church service on Sunday, Greg, Adrianna, myself, Shad, and Lynette all headed up to Estes Park. Shad wanted to return some rocks to a river there that he had picked up before they moved to Colorado. Now that they live here, he thought it would be symbolic and cool to return them from whence they came. Or, at least in the same National Forest.

After returning the rocks, we continued on. Our next stop was an alluvial fan near Horseshoe Park. We spent a bit of time there, taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Afterwards, we decided to take a different route through the park than we normally do. So we took Fall River Road, which I guess is the old road through the park. It consists of a narrow, one-way road that is mostly gravel. The views were spectacular. We saw a large elk with a huge rack across a ravine from us.

Fall River Road ends at the backside of the Alpine Visitor Center. From there, we continued on Trail Ridge Road to head towards the Grand Lake side of the Park. On the way, we saw two more huge elk. They also had huge antlers. Our camera was out of batteries by this time, but Shad took some great pictures which I will post sometime this week to our Photo Gallery page.

We decided to eat dinner at Hernando’s Pizza and Pasta, which is that great restaurant in Winter Park that has a waitress named Flo. I was able to get in touch with Sally, my old college roommate who lives up in that area, and she met us for dinner. I was really glad to see her again and of course happy to introduce her to Adrianna.

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