Our first garage sale

On Saturday, Greg and I had our first garage sale (with Shad and Lynette). Things were hectic at first as Lynette and I waited for the guys to return with cash and we had to deal with early customers. *sigh* It didn’t seem to matter to them that we were obviously still setting up, but whatever. They bought something, so that is good. Throughout the day, we also had to deal with a ton of wasps that kept buzzing around after we sprayed their nest that they had on the rain gutter of our house. But overall things turned out really good. And, we made almost $800! Of course, $750 of that came from the sale of Greg’s 1989 Toyota pickup. Which we hadn’t planned on selling on Saturday. This guy drove by and called out his window to Greg, asking if the truck was for sale. Greg paused, because we were planning on selling it soon. We just hadn’t gotten around to pursuing the sale of it, since we are such huge procrastinators. So Greg and the guy haggled until they agreed on $750. Thankfully I knew where the title was. And I love the internet! I was able to hop onto Google and quickly find verbiage for a Bill of Sale, which I copied and pasted into a Word document.

So now we need to buy a new (used) vehicle.

It is almost sad that the truck is gone. We had our first date and later, our first kiss in that truck. Of course, Greg has actually had the truck since highschool, which means that he had it while dating all of his girlfriends. hehe.

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