Karen’s Wedding

Karen got married on Saturday. I cannot believe it. My little sister is married.

It was a nice wedding. If I had to use one word to describe the entire event, it would be “glowing.” I choose this word, because that is how both Karen and Zach looked the entire evening. Their faces were aglow with ginormous smiles during the whole event. I am so happy for them. My dad and our friend Thea took a bunch of great pictures which I have uploaded to a new page here. I cannot wait to see the pics that the photographer took as well as I am sure they are fabulous.

On really special treat for us was that our whole family was together. That doesn’t happen very often. And our hotel had an indoor pool! After a quick “bachelorette party” with Karen and the bridesmaids in their rooms, we all headed to the pool for a swim. I absolutely love to be in the water so that was a lot of fun.

Karen and Zach spent their first night in Cheyenne and are now continuing their honeymoon in the Denver area. I don’t expect that we will get to see them. 😉

After the wedding, we went back to my parents’ house. So did Brian and Ebony. Ebony is pretty cute with Adrianna. She told me that Adrianna cries a lot. hehe. Ebony is Adrianna’s only cousin (for now anyways).

On Sunday, we went to First Baptist and my parents were able to show off their new little granddaughter there. We also went to a graduation ceremony/bbq for Nathan Adamo who is a friend of the family and someone whom we have known for many years. I was glad that we were able to attend. Below is a picture of Nathan with Carla and Cindy. I think he is pretty proud of this picture. hehe.

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  1. janis says:

    Can’t wait to show Karen and Zach all the great pictures and video! I can’t wait to see the other video and professional pictures yet! Karen and Zach were glowing, werent they?! wonder how the newlyweds are doing? 🙂

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