Poo Poo in the Pool

Or well, actually the bathtub.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that we went almost 18 months before this happened during bathtime.

At first, I just saw bubbles, so I asked Adrianna if she was doing a toot toot. Turns out the bubbles were just the warning sign of greater things to come.

I am thankful that Greg was home. I hollered for him to come up and help me. He quickly extracted the baby from the tub while I got stuck with cleanup doody duty.

Adrianna is really going to hate me for this post someday.

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  1. jamie says:

    yeah, ive been there. one day I let ethan stay in the tub for a long time because every time Id say, are you ready to get out, he’d shake his head no. So I he was in there for about 30 minutes and I guess it coincided with poopy time. Not fun for moms that’s for sure.
    I liked reading your music.We listen to alot of the same music. I didnt know you listen to Save Ferris. I was in one of the videos. Come on Irene. Just random that somebody knows who they are. They were never very big and now theyve broken up.

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