Kitchen Island

Hello, this is Greg. Just wanted to post an update on the kitchen island project I’ve been working on. Here are some pics.



Above, it’s stained but unvarnished. Below, it’s varnished and set exactly where it will be bolted down.



In some of these pics, the camera angle makes the perspective look kinda wacky. It really doesn’t look like a boat; the sides are perfectly vertical!

The only remaining task is to bolt it to the floor so it stays put, build the countertop and build drawers. Once the top is done and installed, we can at least use it while I build the drawers. Needless to say, we’re both looking forward to when this is done.

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7 Responses

  1. cindy says:

    Hey Greg, that is pretty awesome that you are building that. I always enjoyed my cabinetry job i had for the past couple years, makes me secretly someday buy slowly all the equipment and start a side job like the people i worked for did, payed there kids college with it! Looks great!

  2. cindy says:

    oh yea if you need help builing the drawers i could always make a weekend trip up there! 😀

  3. Jen says:

    That’s beautiful! Wonderful job, Greg!!

  4. janis says:

    very nice!!

  5. Karen says:

    that is really nice! I wish our kitchen was BIG enough for an island…someday… 🙂

  6. Amber says:

    Yeah, I am really proud of Greggor. He has done such an amazing job on this project.

    I just had a thought last night too – since we are having Christmas at our house this year for my side of the family, this should be done just in time and will be a fabulous way to help serve the meal.

  7. janis says:

    Yeah! 🙂

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