Diamond Guest Ranch

Saturday was the Laramie River Station’s annual company picnic at the Diamond Guest Ranch (a dude ranch). Greg and I went and we also brought along Shad and Lynette. What fun! We got there late Friday night. Greg, Adrianna, and I stayed in the motor home with my parents and Shad and Lynette borrowed our tent. Cindy, her friend Shawna, Karen, and Zach were also staying the night.

When we drove up to the ranch, I saw Karen and Zach walking two dachshunds. It was Chloe and Molly. We stopped our car right away and rolled down our windows and called to the dogs. They went nuts. So did Greg and I – we were so glad to see them! We both missed them terribly for the 2 1/2 weeks that my mom was watching them. Molly, in her excitement, peed on me. (Since this was the same day as Adrianna’s doctor appointment, that makes 2 times that I got peed on that day in case you are counting.) After we loved on them for a couple minutes, we had to drive off to our campsite. Chloe tried to follow. Sweet dogs.

Karen, Zach, Shad, Lynette, Greg, and I played Crazy Uno until past midnight. We all then went to bed and woke up at 7 a.m. Dad made us all blueberry pancakes. My dad is great. Almost everytime I go home to visit, he makes pancakes for breakfast for me since I love them so much. After breakfast, we then walked up to the rec room and played ping pong and pool. Right before lunch, Brian, Ebony, and Nga arrived. Lunch was great. It was put on by the LRS, and was hot dogs and hamburgers. They also provide free pop, water, and ice cream cones all day, which we took advantage of as well.

The day was really hot (upper 90’s), so we didn’t get to take advantage of any hiking. We went back to the campsite and played some more crazy uno. Then we went and played bingo, another event sponsored by LRS. We didn’t win, but we all had a good time and decided that we should play more often! We ended up sitting next to Damian Berger’s parents. Damian was a classmate of mine. I had a huge crush on him in fourth grade. He and I would always challenge each other for first chair in 7th grade when we both played the trumpet/cornet. hehe. I don’t think I have seen him since 9th grade (my last year of public school) since he didn’t come to our highschool reunion. But I found out from his parents that he actually lives in the Denver area also, and is still singing and is involved with a barbershop group down here. How cool is that?

For dinner, also put on by LRS, we had steak, fried chicken, and cheesecake. We sat next to Ivory Halle. Actually, she is married now but I don’t remember her married name. 🙂 She has two kids and they are adorable. The oldest, Colton, is almost 3. Ivory went to Assembly and also was homeschooled. It was cool getting to see her again.

After dinner, we rushed back to our campsite to get ready for a hayride that we were going to go on at 6:30. Unfortunately we missed the ride though, so that was a bummer. It ended up turning out okay though, as then Lynette and I had time to go swimming. Ebony came with us and then later my mom and Karen showed up too and we had a lot of fun tossing some water hackysack things around. Mikki (Miller) Jenkins was also there with her son Tyler, who is around 8. They are related by marriage to Ebony (her husband is the husband of Ebony’s aunt Angie). Tyler is a cutie with red hair and freckles. He is also a little flirt. hehe.

Ebony asked my mom (her grandma) how old she is. My mom told her to guess. So Ebony guessed that my mom is 25. I thought that was funny, so I asked her how old she thought I was. She guessed 27. hehe. I don’t know how I could be two years older than my mom, but whatever. She guessed that Lynette was 28, which is crazy. I think her numbers are a little backwards. Ebony, in the candidness of a child, also told me that I look like I am going to have another baby. Talk about a blow to the self-esteem. I did tell her that that was something she should never tell a girl as it can hurt someone’s feelings. Another funny thing she said on the way to the Diamond Guest Ranch (that Brian told us about): they saw a boy that looked like he may be of Native American Indian descent who was shooting a bow and arrow, but Ebony said that the “Indians haven’t been around since the 80’s.” Funny thing is that I don’t think she meant the 1880’s. hehe.

Shad, Lynette, Zach, Greg, and I joined Brian, Ebony, Nga and some other people around a campfire late that night and made smores. After that, we packed up and left for Denver. Shad and Lynette stayed at our house. We all slept in quite late today. Our dogs were quite glad to be home, and we were glad to have them back again!

Today was fun. We drove into Boulder and took Canyon Road west to the Flatirons. Did a small amount of walking along a trail (didn’t want to expose Adrianna to too much sun). Then we went back to Boulder to fill up with gas before proceeding on to Lyons for dinner. On our way back into Boulder, we saw this guy holding up signs on a corner. They said something along the lines of “Have sexual addiction. Need money for genitalia reduction.” Only in Boulder. I told Shad that he needs to blog about it, as I am sure he can put a unique spin on that. Boulder is the same city that we saw a car come tearing through an intersection while someone was climbing out the passenger window. They fell out of the car in the middle of the intersection, and the car just kept on going. The person was okay and was walking towards the curb when some lady in a minivan called out to her that “That is why you wear a seatbelt!” Like that would help. I am thinking that you wouldn’t be wearing a seatbelt if you were crawling out your car’s window, but whatever. Again, only in Boulder.

We ate dinner at Oskar Blues tonight. Great food! We then came back to our house for some MarioKart and more Crazy Uno. Greg and I love that Shad and Lynette enjoy playing games as much as we do.

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