Wreaking Havoc

One of our favorite shows on television right now is . This show is for anyone who has ever worked in an office or in a cubicle. Maybe I like it because so many of the things that happen on the show mirror closely to my own work experiences. Maybe I like it because it is based in an office supply company and I also work for an office supply company, though on a much larger scale. Maybe I like it because some of the characters remind me of coworkers I have worked with before. Even if it is on an exaggerated level.

Whatever the appeal of this show is, it makes for great tv. I think it is one of the most unique shows on right now. This second season is proving itself to be even better than the first. It is filmed as if it were an amatuer documentary, with the characters living out an ordinary day at the office with moments of time with the camera to give their commentary on different events.

Steve Carrell, as the boss, is awesome. He thinks he is everyone’s friend, that his jokes are funny, and that he is a good boss. The reality is that he is really none of those things and he isn’t fooling anyone but himself.

Tonight had one of the funniest moments ever. At least, I died laughing. There was a “Women in the Workplace” seminar at Dunder-Mifflin for the company’s female employees. Dwight, who fancies himself as the “Assistant Regional Manager” when his actual title is “Assistant to the Regional Manager” makes the following observation after noticing all the women in one room:

Dwight: “It’s a terrible idea…”

Jim: “What is?”

Dwight: “Them in there all together. They stay in there too long, they’re gonna get on the same cycle. Wreak havoc on our plumbing.”

Having lived in an all girls dorm and several houses with multiple female occupants during my time in college, I can testify that this is definitely a true-to-life phenomenon. I don’t know that we ruined any plumbing systems, but having so many women be temperamental at the same time is dangerous in and of itself.

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