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Our site is back up. Thank goodness. We don’t really know what happened other than that we were having weird issues with our web host. I was pretty ticked off by the fact that not only was our site completely down, but that the web host had also had posted a message to contact the billing department asap as if we were delinquent with our payments even though they are charged automatically to our credit card and we had just received a statement for the current month as paid. ARGH. I was also getting really worried that I may lose my blog postings, and thus lose my “journal.” We did have a backup copy of postings prior to May, so some posts would have been preserved, but I would have been extremely depressed to lose all the data I have written about Adrianna, her “firsts”, and the adorable things she does. Greg helped me through some of my stress over this potential loss also by finding many cached pages from my blog on Google and Yahoo. So all in all we would have been able to retrieve all but a couple weeks’ worth of data, which isn’t too shabby. But all is well now; I am so glad!

Now that we are over the scare, I have decided that I need to backup my database files more often just in case. I am also going to start printing out the posts so I can bind them together to make a real paper journal out of them as well. Just stuff that I should have been doing all along really. Live and learn.

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