I felt something crawling up my leg this morning as I let the dogs out. When I looked down, I realized it was only a ladybug. *sigh of relief* Why is it that the average person is less annoyed (and scared) of ladybugs than they are of other bugs? Is it their cutesy name, “ladybug?”

Even worse than bugs are spiders. I hate spiders. They freak me out. I even have a unique scream/noise I make when I almost run into one hanging down on a web in front of me or when they land on me. Greg is learning to recognize my spider scream. I am okay with spiders if they are outside and a distance away from me. Some can actually spin beautiful webs. But they still freak me out and I hate it when they dangle in front of me or when they are in my house.

As much as I hate spiders, I have a problem killing them. I always feel like if I kill one that there are at least several other spiders hidden around the room that I can’t see, and that they will come get their revenge on me in my sleep for killing their buddy. What is that statistic that states on average how many bugs and spiders people swallow in their sleep? I don’t remember how many it was per year, but even just one in a lifetime is one too many in my opinion.

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  1. cindy says:

    the average is 7 a year and like i told you…enjoy sleeping in my room, since i just killed a blackwidow above my bed, i bet she has hidden ones ready for revenge! hehe 😛 i do have a rash on me…maybe they are worken away at my skin

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