Spelling Quiz

I have always thought myself to be a pretty good speller, at least when it comes to every-day words. I even got third place in a spelling bee when I was in grade school. However, this spelling quiz slaughtered me. It contains the winning words from several years of the National Spelling Bee. I only scored a 50%. Ouch – take that ego!

Take the quiz and let me know what you score. No cheating or using Dictionary.com though!

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5 Responses

  1. janis says:

    by coincidence i just happen to run across you spelling bee plaque a couple days ago. its a very nice plaque too.

  2. Grampy says:

    I got eight!

  3. Shad The Future Colorado Springs Resident says:

    i only got 7 =(

  4. janis says:

    what happen to the tag ?

  5. Dolores says:

    I only missed one, pretty good for an old woman and NOT a college grad. Ha

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