Diaper Debacle

Another day; another diaper mishap.

I was in the process of changing yet another diaper for Adrianna this afternoon. It started out like any other diaper change. Then all of a sudden I noticed the golden jewels of pee gushing forth. This time though, I was ready for it. I had immediately replaced the old, soiled diaper underneath her with a brand new one before I had even began the wipe-down process. Whew! Calamity adverted. I began to congratulate myself on quick thinking. But then Adrianna one-upped me with a new weapon. The yellow mustard. It squirted out at such a high velocity that I was helpless to do anything. While the new (but no longer fresh) diaper did catch a majority of it, a good portion also sailed on past the far edge of the diaper onto the changing table. Leaving the score now at Adrianna-4, Mommy-0. And on to outfit # 3 for Adrianna today.

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2 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    I have just had a good laugh. Your description made my day! It’s just the beginning of a lifetime of child raising that leaves us all scratching our heads. “Why didn’t anyone tell me it would be like this?!!??” Wish I could change some of those messy diapers!

  2. Greg Reimer says:

    You should make a spreadsheet chart of the number of these outfit changes per day and post a weekly screenshot of the chart as it progresses.

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