First Sewing Class

I had my first sewing class today. Sewing is back-breaking work! We spent the majority of the 3 hours just learning how to separate different pieces of the pattern, pin them to our fabric that we had picked out, and cut them out. While that doesn’t sound too difficult, there is a lot more to it than I would have imagined and it was easiest to do all the work while standing and bending over the table where all our materials were spread out. My back is now in desperate need of a massage after that. Next Saturday we will put all the pieces together and will (hopefully!) end up with a pair of capri pants and a jacket. There are 5 other ladies in the class with varying sewing abilities. It is a beginner class, but a couple of the ladies are already very capable and knowledgeable about sewing. Thankfully I am not the only newbie though.

The sewing class is held in a sewing machine store that also happens to sell some sewing supplies. I couldn’t believe how busy the place was. It was packed ALL day. Many older women would stop by and ask us what we were doing. They seemed pleased that we were learning how to sew. There were even quite a few men in the store, but I am sure they were drug in there by their wives, kind of like the scrapbooking store. hehe. I kept hearing little babies that were about Adrianna’s age. It made me miss her.

Here is a picture of my little pumpkin from earlier today.


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  1. jamie says:

    Hi i was just catching up on some of your old post and wanted to say WOW! GOOD LUCK with your surgery. Sounds pretty scary. Hope it´s a breeze and recovery isn´t too difficult. I had a C-section, though not the same, there are some comparisons that could be made, and recovery was kind of tough. I think anytime your stomach is cut open and air gets in, recovery is painful for a few days. Hope you have alot of help for a few days and are able to take it easy.

    And what great news about the church. I feel like we are in a similar places and need to find a church to call our own.

  2. Faith says:

    I think cutting out the pattern and then the fabric is the longest part of the process. I don’t like that part. I like the actual sewing though.

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