Saved by the Pooh

Adrianna, like many babies, is soothed by white noise. Yesterday I was in the other room vacuuming when she started to fuss. So I made my way, with the vacuum still running, into the room she was taking a nap in. The next thing I knew, she was no longer fussing but was instead sleeping.

A friend bought us a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy that plays “womb sounds.” This was a real lifesaver the first few nights at home with Adrianna. We haven’t had to use it for awhile, but I pulled it out again yesterday and think I am going to take advantage of it soothing effects on Adrianna more often. I just gave Adrianna a feeding after which, at midnight, she still wasn’t sleeping. She was content but wide awake in her little bed/carrier. So I pulled out the Pooh. She’s now sleeping like a baby.

(Not sure why “sleeping like a baby” is such a popular phrase to mean getting good rest. Babies don’t sleep very well; at least not at this point! They wake up every couple of hours. Of course, they do sleep a lot though so that they probably are well-rested in spite of their waking up so often. It is just their parents who aren’t well rested as a result…)

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2 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    Amber, have you tried music cds? Since you and Greg are both musicians, she may be one too.

  2. cindypoo says:

    yeah that poop is what Adrianna and I slept with the night your milk came in, remember?

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